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    Directed by Bill Viola. "Anthem" originates in a single piercing scream emitted by an eleven-year-old girl standing in the hall of Union Railroad Station in Los Angeles. The original scream of a few seconds is extended and shifted in time to produce a primitive "scale" of seven harmonic notes, which constitute the soundtrack of the piece.
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    Lately I've been feeling the same I've been losing hope, resisting the pain It's cold outside, I wish it were clearer Sometimes, It's just easy to turn aroun.
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    P Series State-of-the-art multichannel amplifiers deliver watts of continuous power per channel into 8 ohms. Each channel is a self-contained state-of-the-art mono amp on its own circuit board with heatsink, tuned toroidal transformer and rugged power supply.
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    Record Source: CDr, Single. Obsession Almighty Records Hi Nrg Euro House Download FLAC Download MP3. (Almighty Anthem Mix) Versions. Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year; Almighty Records, Almighty Records: 12 almy 44, 12 ALMY UK:
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    Then i remembered that the ending has the Ala Mhigan's singing to the exact same tune, just different lyrics. So i went back to listen to the Garlean song, and after looking at the lyrics clearly. It's clearly the Garleans taking the original Ala Mhigan anthem, and changing .
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    Anthem’s extensive foreshadowing gives away many of the secrets of the story before Rand reveals them. The Golden One’s attempt to say “I love you,” for example, is one of several events that foreshadow the massive revelation, at the end of Anthem, that the individual is the center of the universe. The Transgressor of the Unspeakable.
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