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  1. Maulkree Reply
    Reinsert the tape into the cassette compartment on the player. Attempt to play, fast-forward, or rewind the tape. Check the Cassette Player. Remove the tape from the cassette compartment. Clean the tape player head and drive mechanism. Use a dry cotton swab to clean the surface of the pinch roller, play/recording head and erase-head.
  2. Branos Reply
    Jun 24,  · You could buy not only prerecorded cassette tapes, but also blank ones to record your favorite song tracks. There was no better way to show your affection as a seventies teenager than to prepare a cassette of “special songs” for your loved one. However, analog tapes themselves have become outdated. They gave way to digital in the s and 90s.
  3. Gardalrajas Reply
    Dec 10,  · Hi guys, Have a Sony TCKs cassette deck for about 10yrs but it's as new and well looked after, heads and rollers clean regularly. Sometimes (for a couple of yrs now) when starting to play a tape the sound goes low and dull intermittently or at times very dull for about a minute or two and then comes back and might continue to do this during 3 or 4 songs.
  4. Mek Reply
    I am all for vinyl as an alternative to mp3/CD but cassette tapes are/were a dire medium for recorded sound. I suffered exactly this kind of exasperating sound degradation all through my teens, because walkmen was all there were. Not to mention the unspooling, the tape breaking etc. Burn your walkman, man up and get an ipod.
  5. Kijar Reply
    Jun 18,  · Remove all; Disconnect; The next video is starting.
  6. Kajinos Reply
    Jun 09,  · If it's simply a case of the tapes not moving fast enough, at the risk of stating the obvious that points at the cassette deck rather than the tapes themselves. Audacity can in fact correct speed (tempo) errors if it's a constant rate, but you talk about "warped and distorted" which sounds more complicated than that.
  7. Kajijin Reply
    Eject the tape from the cassette player, place the tape in the palm of your hand and rap it against a flat surface three (3) times. Re-insert the tape in the cassette player, rewind the tape for a minute, then stop. Fast forward the tape for a minute, then stop. Press the play key and it should play at the 15/16 ips speed.
  8. Yozshutilar Reply
    While you may have lost the sound through deterioration, I am suspicious that all your tapes have completely lost all sound. I think it could be a fault of the player or the setup. For example, the connecting cables may not be plugged in to the correct jacks, or the cable plugs or jacks could be defective on either end.